5 Things that Ruin Your Style

french cufflinksWe have all learned how to dress up with style, but are you aware what can ruin it? Do you know which accessories you should choose and which ones you should leave out? There are a few accessories which are essential and add to your look, but at the same time committing these mistakes (below) while selecting them can ruin your appearance and style.

CufflinkNo Cufflinks

Cufflinks enhance your personality and appearance, ignoring them means failing to create a style statement. It is important that you know when to wear cufflinks and which type of cufflinks you should pick. Also, make sure that you wear the right cufflinks at the right event. Wearing novelty or customized cufflinks to an important work meeting is not recommended!

watchesNo Wrist Watch

Selecting the right wrist watch is challenging! With wide varieties available, watches can enhance your appearance, but at the same time selecting an inappropriate one may cost you in the long run. When purchasing a watch decide whether you want a small dial or a big one, leather strap or steel andwith affordable watches available in the market, make sure that you buy the best one!

ShoesDirty Shoes

You would certainly not want to ruin your look and style with dirty shoes would you? Cleaning shoes is not a lot of work. A damp cloth for trainers and a quick polish for leather shoes is all you need! Wearing dirty shoes gives an impression that you just don’t care and are not ready to put in effort to look good. So clean your shoes and get rid of that sloppy image!

SocksWhite Socks

Oh! White socks at work? Or at a dinner party? Recipe for a complete disaster! As good as they look on sportsmen, they are not meant to be worn to work or at social events and gatherings. Unless you’re a football or tennis star, don’t bother wearing them.

WalletsBulky Wallets

So you’re all set to go with the perfect outfit, accessories and clean shoes – but wait.. That Bulky Wallet?! That brick stuffed in your pocket completely ruins your look! Use a money clip for keeping notes and simple card wallets to carry your plastic money!


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