Decoding Men’s Black Dress Code

Black cufflink,ties pocket squaresSomeone invited you to a party with ‘black tie attire’ being the dress code? Not sure which shirt you should choose and which tie will complement your entire look? Then, you’re certainly at the right place!

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on men’s black dress code:

Tuxedo JacketsTuxedo Jackets

With the various types of tuxedo jackets available, it becomes difficult to choose the right one for a party. The most common type of tuxedo selected for parties is the single breast tuxedo jacket. Jackets with shawl collars and peak labels are an excellent way to enhance your personality. Another popular tuxedo option is the double breast tuxedo jacket which gives a unique look.

Cummerbund or WaistcoatCummerbund or Waistcoat?

Never wear both! You need to choose between a cummerbund and waistcoat. Waistcoats are available in single and double breasted cuts, with either open or closed backs. A cummerbund features pleats and is worn with the pleats facing upward. Although your personal choice will play a huge role in selecting either of the two, it’s important to consider that waistcoats are more comfortable and add style to your attire; cummerbund, on the other hand, provide a rather sophisticated or vintage look.

Dress ShirtChoosing the right Dress Shirt

Dressing up for a formal event means choosing the best dress shirt. A number of dress shirt options are available, but the best are French cuff shirts. These double cuffs shirts are suitable for all formal events. The type of French cuff shirt i.e. type of collar, pleated or non-pleated etc., you choose is a personal preference!

Black Bow TieSelecting a Perfect Tie

Bow ties are perfect for formal events especially when you’re following the black dress code for a formal event. Cut of the bow is the main point of differentiation between different bow ties. Select the one that matches your chosen shirt and tuxedo jacket’s collar.


Solid black in colour, black shoes are either made from polished calfskin or shiny patent leather. Lace-ups are a common option when selecting the right footwear for a formal event. Remember to always properly polish before you leave for the event.

Fashion CufflinksCufflinks

Choosing the perfect matching accessory is something that will set you apart and make you look different. Cufflinks is the accessory that creates a unique look to help enhance your personality and add style to your complete attire. Providing due attention to detail is something that many people do not give importance to. Choose black cufflinks to match them with your entire attire.

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