How to Fold a Pocket Square – The Guide

Navy Yellow Pocket Square for HimWhy Should You Learn How to Fold a Pocket Square?

A pocket square is an essential accessory that ties together any dashing suit. It is the finishing touch for those who want a well-rounded, gorgeous ensemble that looks well thought out. It gives a suit texture and colour and coordinates expertly with your tie, instantly adding an air of sophistication to your look. Dress up or dress down-either is achievable when you opt to wear a pocket square. Now, the question remains:

How to Fold a Pocket Square


How to Fold a Pocket Square Three Ways

Fold #1 – The Classic

This is also called the Presidential Fold and is the easiest way to fold. This is best for an elegant pop to formal or business attire.

– Lay the pocket square down flat on a clean, level surface
– Fold your pocket square in half vertically
– Fold the bottom portion upward. The depth of your jacket pocket determines how much of the square you fold
– Tuck in the folded pocket square into your breast pocket until around 1/4 of an inch can be seen

Fold #2 – The Mountain Peak

This fold is fairly popular and is excellent for any style of pocket square and can be worn with any dress code.

– Press the pocket square onto a flat surface
– Fold one corner all the way in to achieve two overlapping triangles
– Fold in either side of the triangle to the center
– Repeat for the opposite side
– Tuck into breast pocket

Fold #3 – The Twin Peak

Unique and sophisticated, this fold adds a bit of class to any ensemble and is best for semi-casual attire.

-Flatten pocket square on the clean surface
-Fold one side over to get two overlapping triangles. Adjust so one tip is higher than the other.
-Fold one side inward, then the next
-Tuck into a breast pocket

Pocket squares are so versatile that there are an incredible number of ways to wear them; these just touches the surface. However, you choose to wear your pocket square, know that you will look handsome, put-together and elegant with little effort at all, just by incorporating one. If you are wondering where to buy pocket squares, look into online men’s fashion stores. They offer them in a wide range of patterns, made from fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. Order Online Today!

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