Grey Navy Polka Dot Pocket Square

15.96 EUR

Grey Navy Polka Dot Pocket Square
The Grey Navy Polka Square is a sophisticated choice that can be worn with practically any suit. The grey that makes up most of the pocket square provides a space for the navy polka dots to sit seamlessly atop, creating an understated look that still possesses incredible depth and style. Get these handkerchiefs online as gifts for groomsmen and have them shipped to your home in time for the ceremony, where they can be worn and matched up with virtually any colour palette that the wedding itself calls for.

Pocket Square Measurements
Length & Width of Pocket Square – 22cm (8.66 inches) x 22cm (8.66 inches)

Pocket Square Guide
Includes a handy guide on how to fold a pocket square!
3 of the most popular folds are explained in clear detail on the back of the pocket square packaging.
If you’re looking for gift ideas for men, these are perfect.

Premium Stitching & Lining
The fabric is made from a 1200 needle count which is higher grade than the usual 960 needle count most pocket squares are made from.

5 Year Warranty

Made From
100% Microfibre