Classic White Cotton Tie

$27.86 USD

Classic White Cotton Tie
Obtain all of the beauty and luxuriousness that the colour white affords to you with the Classic White Tie. A tie that is white can be paired with any colour suit, but looks exceptional when worn with a grey or black one. Give this tie as gifts for men who appreciate the finer things in life. Conversely, you may choose to give them to a groom-to-be as a gift of luxury or buy them for personal wear to attend a white tie function. The possibilities are endless. Order your white ties online now and get them shipped right to your door.

Tie Measurements
Length of Tie – 148cm (58.27 inches)
Width of Tie at Widest end – 8cm (3.15 inches)

5 Year Warranty

Made From
100% Linen & Cotton