Should Your Pocket Square Match Your Tie

Matching Tie & Pocket Square SetWhen putting together a suit-and-tie ensemble, one of the most important fashion rules is that you must wear a pocket square with your tie. That said, many people do not know where to begin with this. While it may seem like a no-brainer that your pocket square and tie should match each other in order to create a streamlined look, it really is not that simple.

How to Appropriately Match Your Tie and Pocket Square

Matching your pocket square to your tie is an intricate ordeal. The entire purpose of adding a pocket square to your attire is to complement the rest of your apparel, but that does not mean coordinating colours and patterns down to the last detail. By thinking outside of the box, you can choose something that works excellently with your favorite suit and tie without stepping into the fashion faux pas of matching them identically.

How to Match Your Ties and Pocket Squares

For instance, if you are intent on wearing a pocket square that features some print or pattern, like a navy pocket square with pink polka-dots, focus on one of those two colours and incorporate either a rich, solid blue tie or a fun pink one instead. This helps to coordinate the colours without overwhelming the suit in tacky patterning.

Tips to Help Your Pocket Square Match Your Tie Stylishly

– Opt for a pocket square that is a slightly different shade from the main colour of your look to present your attire with an accent piece

– Choose to contrast the pocket square with your tie in either colour or texture, or patterning to create a bold look

– Minimize the patterning as much as possible; don’t wear pinstripes with polka-dots, for example

Create the perfect look by keeping an eye on the accents of your suit! There are plenty of ways for you to achieve a fashionable look without accidentally wearing something tacky by matching the suit, tie and pocket square too closely. Remember, details pull any look together, so put emphasis on them.

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