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Job Interview: Don’t forget your Cufflinks and Ties

Men Cufflinks, Ties and Pocket Squares‘Dress for success.’ Haven’t we all heard that? When looking for a job, not only does your talent and education play a vital role, but the way you dress for an interview matters too. There is no doubt that a bank and a creative agency will have two completely different dress codes; however, there are certain aspects that remain common. When appearing for an interview, make sure that you’re neither overdressed nor too casually dressed. Can’t find the right balance? We’ll help you: (more…)

Get Noticed in Your Dress Shirt Everyday!

Mens Pocket SquaresHave you fallen short of ideas to stand out while wearing a dress shirt? You aren’t alone! This is a common issue amongst men who have to wear dress shirts everyday to work! Some of them have to change their choice of shirt due to the change in weather, while the others just give up on style and dress almost the same way to work every day. Are you the one who gives up? Don’t! (more…)