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Job Interview: Don’t forget your Cufflinks and Ties

Men Cufflinks, Ties and Pocket Squares‘Dress for success.’ Haven’t we all heard that? When looking for a job, not only does your talent and education play a vital role, but the way you dress for an interview matters too. There is no doubt that a bank and a creative agency will have two completely different dress codes; however, there are certain aspects that remain common. When appearing for an interview, make sure that you’re neither overdressed nor too casually dressed. Can’t find the right balance? We’ll help you: (more…)

Designer Cufflinks: Which Ones Do You Prefer?

Orange Cufflinks AustraliaIt goes without saying that cufflinks are the best way a man can customize his outfit! Not only do they make you look elegant, but cufflinks add a distinguished look with an enhanced air of confidence. Cufflinks are the best way of making a style statement and are known as the epitome of a man’s accessories. However, not everyone and every store offers great cufflinks. We at AusCufflinks offer a huge variety of handpicked designer cufflinks for every occasion. The only question that remains is which one do you prefer? (more…)