Koby McGee

I was looking for a gift for a friend and decided to get cufflinks from Auscufflinks, and judging by the response I got when he received them, I made the right decision. The service was impeccable. More variety in the tie pins and I may’ve got a pair of them!

Atwell Western Australia July 13, 2016

Aidan Molloy

My Dazzling pair of White Gold cufflinks came today and I am delighted! The craftsmanship is magnificent! The gold carving is far much better than I have seen elsewhere! Thank you for marvelous selection and service.

Perth May 24, 2016

Mia Kenneally

Dear Auscufflinks: I received my pair of Black & Blue cufflinks (a special gift for my Husband) and I am thrilled! They are more beautiful in person. I am sure my hubby will be pleased. Thank you for the great customer service. I already know I will be back for Father’s Day.

New South Wales August 8, 2016

Spencer Dalyell

I placed my order just yesterday and I already have my cufflinks- that was QUICK! I’m amazed with the quality and workmanship of Auscufflinks. Wonderful work and absolutely as pictured. I am looking forward to wearing them and will definitely be sharing my shopping experience with my mates.

Queensland September 2, 2016

Rose Laurie

My beautiful pair of cuff links arrived today. They are exquisite. I am grateful for the pendant, a very nice gesture from you! My Father is deeply touched ! Thank you for the excellent turn-around to have these delivered in time!!!

New South Wales September 10, 2016

Noah Beet

I have made so many purchases from you guys and the brown checkered skinny tie just like other items has both alluring texture and sophisticated finish. I love it, thanks!

Victoria January 4, 2016

Noah Fisher

Thank you for the pocket square, it is absolutely startling. Appreciate your dedication and quick service.

Victoria March 18, 2016

Nicholas Garvan

Why can’t every business be as nice as Auscufflinks? Had a wonderful shopping experience.

Queensland April 23, 2016

Logan Bourne

Classy, elegant, nicely packed in a customised gift box. Incredible craftsmanship. Thank you !

New South Wales February 8, 2016

Anne J

Did the trick, my ball partner was happy.

Sydney May 22, 2016