very schmick

Brisbane May 5, 2016

David Teo

My Groomsmen loved them…good quality stuff

Sydney November 22, 2015

Jacky L

Great delivery time. Made for a great gift, thanks heaps!

Adelaide June 7, 2015

Cynthia J

Delivery was super quick, no qualms from me, quite a stylish pair of cuff links.

Sydney May 3, 2015

James Finley

Such a dapper tie, it was perfect thanks!

Sydney December 4, 2015

Eric T

Got these for a work function, can’t complain…the woollen texture is quite dapper. I probably would’ve got another if you have a navy blue as well…hint hint!

Perth December 2, 2015

Dave T

The texture was nice, better than the plain ties I have…thank you for the fast shipping, I will be buying again!

Melbourne December 14, 2015

Peter J

Bought 5 of these for my Groomsmen and they look even better in person, nice rich purple colour…great quality and great price!!!!!!

Thanks Josh for your help with express post as well.

Melbourne April 18, 2016

Abbey W.G

These were PERFECT! My brother is the BIGGEST cricket buff and he absolutely was over the MOOOOON when he got these!!!!!!

Thank you SOO much, it made my day to see him so happy, you guys are totes amaze! If you have anymore cricket stuff pls let me know!

Melbourne March 25, 2015

Katie H

My husband just started a new job and I bought these for him to wear on his first day, he hasn’t stopped wearing them!

Makes me happy everyday I see him wearing them, couldn’t be happier, they’re beautiful, he loves the box as well….looks nicer than the pictures.

Thank You.


Sydney December 12, 2015