Sally R

Never seen these type of cufflinks before, so got them for a good friend as a birthday gift.

The design on this is top notch, my friend wears some pretty high end clothing and even he told me that these cufflinks are a hit, don’t think I could top his praise. Good job.

Melbourne December 18, 2015

Adam Douglas

Very happy with these cufflinks, came with a nice box as well. I’ll prob buy a couple others.

Tasmania October 9, 2015

Malcolm W

Was in the market for a standard pair of cufflinks, just wanted a pair that I could wear with pretty much anything.

Got 2 pairs of these and they do the trick, they actually look top shelf when in the box, great design.

The only thing, I thought delivery may have been a little quicker, I guess as I’m in a remote area it took a couple days extra…maybe I’m being too picky nevertheless the cufflinks were just what I was looking for.

Melbourne August 1, 2015


The diamante silver stone cufflinks I bought look fantastic. Delivery was quick and the box they came in looks great!!

Thanks Auscufflinks!

Melbourne June 9, 2015

Alysia D

Bought these for my VERY VERY happy fiance…he has quite a few pairs of cufflinks and now these are his ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE.

Will be getting more as gifts, you guys are AWESOME.

Adelaide November 14, 2015

Stella W

Hey there!

Got a pair of these as a gift for my father in law for his birthday. He wears Cufflinks every day (I think lol) to work.

It was a bit funny watching him opening it, he initially had a big smile as he loved the box, when he opened it…he said he already had a similar pair lol, but still liked them!

Would’ve been better if I had asked my mum in law what styles he had before buying, oh well!

Perth January 27, 2016

Robbie Tasser

Very elegant set of Cufflinks these are..worked a treat. Might need to invest in a couple others.

Perth July 2, 2015