This is Why Your Workwear is So Dull

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This is Why Your Workwear is So Dull

Contrary to popular belief, dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring at all. People often tend to think that there’s no room for personalisation and keeping up with the latest fashion trends, which is completely ridiculous – men can look both stylish and business-appropriate at the same time. If you would like to know why your workwear is so dull and how to improve that significantly – stay with us. 

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Here are six useful tips which can help you accomplish that like a pro.

#1. You aren’t confident enough

Business people can often be seen in extremely dull workwear for one simple reason – they are not confident enough to pull off something more bold and innovative. An old adage says that you should always dress for the job you want, not the one you already have, which is particularly important if you have a job interview coming up. Working on your confidence is crucial since it will allow you to gain more self-esteem and grow as an individual, which is essential for taking risks when it comes to fashion.

#2. You’re always trying to stay in a comfort zone

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Yes, there is nothing safer than cruising along your comfort zone, but such an attitude won’t take you far – especially fashion-wise. We know that sticking to a particular colour scheme that includes black, brown, and grey is one of the easiest ways to stay classy and elegant, but you know what? These are so boring! However, if you still decide to stay faithful to them, introduce some patterned bow ties to spice up your everyday combos.

#3. You don’t invest in accessories

Another mistake you’re making is probably related to not investing in quality accessories. The truth is that even the most delicate ones can completely transform your formal outfit. Start off with a pair of elegant cufflinks, which are more than enough for adding a touch of class to your appearance. If you’re into modern jewellery, you can always go for beautiful anchor bracelets – a perfect fusion of leather and silver details.

#4. You aren’t willing to experiment with trends

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Unwillingness to experiment with trends can significantly affect your fashion expression, which is exactly why you should try to loosen your grip and let go of dull workwear. If you simply have to opt for suits, pick models with some delicate yet very stylish patterns. On the other hand, if you would like to take a bigger step, bright colours may be the right thing for you. Just don’t forget to get matching pocket squares!

#5. Your suits are poorly tailored

You should know that well-made 3 piece suits are essential if you would like to look phenomenal at work – if they fit perfectly and follow your body line flawlessly, there’s no mistake! Poorly tailored suits look like a hot mess, and trust us – you don’t need that in your life. Classic pieces have always been a must; however, you can always add a little twist. Slim-fitting ones are an amazing choice, but if you don’t think you can pull them off, just stick to more traditional shapes and you won’t go wrong.

#6. You’re taking fashion too seriously

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Last but not least, your workwear is probably so dull simply because you’re taking fashion too seriously. If you think that combining suits with corresponding ties is absolutely necessary – think again! You can match the unmatchable and still look very trendy and stylish. Try to see fashion as a never-ending game in which rules are meant to be broken, because that’s the only way to have fun with it and enjoy every moment.

As you can see, there are so many ways to upgrade your workwear without even trying too hard to achieve a much better effect. The key to success lies in willingness to experiment with fashion trends, as well as in knowing the basics – perfectly tailored suits in the first place. Once you master these, you’ll see an instant improvement!

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