Top 5 Great Gifts to Give Your Husband This New Year

Best Mens GiftIt can be hard to shop for your man, and it may seem that every year it gets tougher to find him a gift, he will love that he doesn’t already own. Opt for unique apparel items and stray away from the average silk tie with these gift suggestions.




Top 5 Great Gifts to Give Your Husband This New Year

Here are the top 5 greatest gifts to give to your husband in the holiday season, along with reasons why they make exceptional gifts:

Knit Ties

-Flat, squared bottom makes for more casual wear
-Can be worn no matter the season, but keeps him warm in winter
-Can be worn with a suit,
-Can be worn with a denim jacket


– Can be elegant, casual and professional all at once
– Tie together any buttoned shirt
– Perfect for wear with or without a suit jacket

Floral Ties

– Adds texture to any suit
– Brings a light, casual feel to an ensemble
– Can be easily matched to a pocket square
– Brings dimension and playfulness to an outfit

Bow Ties

– A sleek, dapper alternative to a neck tie
– Can be worn with just as many styles of suits and button-ups as a standard neck tie
– Take talent and skill to master, raising your man’s confidence levels

Pocket Squares

– A finishing touch for any suit
– Must haves for business-dress, formal occasions or black tie affairs
– Are diverse and unique both in the number of folds available and the materials and patterns they come in

Help the man in your life step up his game when it comes to dressing well by gifting him a handsome accessory he can wear nearly any time he pleases. These are the top 5 gifts for men that they want, but never think to ask for. Surprise him this Christmas with an item on this list!

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