Why Floral Ties for Weddings Are Trending Right Now

Floral Skinny TieFloral ties are unique ways to change up your usual wedding attire–that typical suit-and-tie garb. Sure, you are still sticking to the usual, expected, traditional format, but you aren’t settling for a mundane tie that doesn’t do anything to add character or charm to your look. Floral ties can do that and so much more, especially at weddings. Therefore, floral wedding ties are definitely on the rise in fashion trends!

Floral Ties for Weddings

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Floral ties can be purchased in colours, patterns and flower types that match the bouquet of the bride. After all, it is her big day, and drawing attention to her beautiful bouquet will make her stand out even more than she already is and make her feel special and catered to.

– Not only can they be matched to the bride’s bouquet, they can match the bridesmaids dresses, accessories or their accenting bouquets in order to create a flawless, seamless, matching aesthetic with the groomsmen, bridesmaids and the happy couple.

– Floral ties go expertly with outdoor weddings; it is almost as if these ties were created just for them. Since outdoor weddings are, of course, in a natural setting, it only makes sense to tie the natural decor together with a little bit of patterning to match it. You can purchase a floral tie that you know will match the field of flowers they are being married in, or a tie that matches the potted ones being placed along the aisle seating. No matter what, the bottom line is that floral ties definitely go with outdoor weddings better than anything else.

– Finally, floral ties add texture and dimension to your suit. It gives the ensemble a bit of character and charm, making them more interesting and diverse than a typical, single colour or quietly-patterned tie.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose a floral tie for the next wedding you attend, either as an honorary guest or as a member of the wedding party. Floral wedding ties are in style right now, so be sure to get your own and keep up with the trends in today’s fashion!

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